Mar 04 2016

Are These Three Major Website Mistakes Scaring Away Your Customers?


Your website has a big job to do. Ideally, it should:

  • Organically attract potential customers with captivating content and strong SEO
  • Inform, educate, and delight prospects and move them through your conversion funnel
  • Position you as a trusted and valuable resource in your community

That’s a lot of responsibility, right? It’s not surprising that a lot of business websites simply can’t live up to expectations, especially if business owners don’t given them enough attention and investment. In fact, certain major website mistakes can scare away your customer faster than a guy wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw!

Major Website Mistake One: Epically Long Loading Time

You want your website to look snazzy. Bring on the huge images, the whiz-bang videos, and lots of cool WordPress plug-ins. What’s that terrible wheezing sound? That’s your poor website laboring to load your homepage. If you weigh down your website with huge files, your load time will slow to a crawl. Think a potential client will wait 30 seconds for your page to load? In internet time, that might as well be 30 years!

Reduce or get rid of anything that slows down your website. You want it to load quickly, especially for the growing number of visitors who access your site from their smart phones.

Major Website Mistake Two: Poor Conversion and Lead Capture

Your website doesn’t just exist to look pretty. Ideally, it should be working for you to capture potential leads and/or to move visitors toward a conversion. Before you even begin work on your website, you should clearly know what you want it to accomplish. Are you trying to garner consultation requests, email sign-ups, or on-site purchases? Everything about your website should focus on filtering your visitors and moving your ideal clients toward that conversion or lead capture funnel.

If your website isn’t sending you many leads or giving you conversions, it’s time to go back to the drawing board or start working with a website design company.

Major Website Mistake Three: Terrible Content

No matter how good your website looks or how much money you’ve plowed into customized capabilities, it will still fall flat on its face if you don’t add clear, captivating, personal, and action-oriented content. In just a few paragraphs, you need to:

  • Engage your visitors
  • Lead them deeper into your website
  • Demonstrate your company’s personality
  • Clearly identify your mission, products, and services.

Too often, companies fill their website pages with bland business talk. They take too long to get to the point and spend endless paragraphs explaining the features of their services and products instead of the benefits those services or products can give their customers.

If writing is not your thing, don’t try to become the next J. K. Rowling overnight. Hire a marketing company like Iluka Media that can put professional content writers at your service!

Finely, look at your website traffic and lead capture analytics. If those numbers aren’t where they should be, it’s time to take action.

Let iLuka Media Give your website a review today and see if you are making one of these major website mistakes.


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