Mar 18 2019

Unlock the Power of One-to-One Personalized Videos

It’s hard to deny — video is the latest and greatest in media and that means that, if it’s not already, it should be part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Just like social media marketing, as video has risen in popularity and become a new avenue for connecting with consumers, video marketing has become a popular skill. However, it still remains challenging for many, whether you have a full-on marketing team or you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur handling most of your marketing yourself. Video seems difficult to produce and hard to track; plus, it can just be a pain creating stand-out, unique video that represents your brand in the way you want.

Video is crucial to business success, though. Did you know that almost 50 percent of internet users look for videos online related to a product or service before visiting a store and, last year, the number of organizations that used video to increase sales rose by 48 percent?

These businesses are noticing that video gets consumers engaged and making purchases. People spend 2.6 times longer on pages with videos than those without, and brands have been able to double conversions by simply including videos in their marketing plans.

But just throwing up any old video on your site isn’t the answer. Here’s why one-to-one personalized videos are the way of the future.

1. Customization Creates Consumer Care

Your potential consumers or clients want to know that you know them, not the other way around. How are you anticipating their needs, versus how are they just giving you their money? They want to feel special, like you’re reaching out to them on a personal level.

After all, everyone receives dozens of sales-y emails each day, asking for donations, promoting special deals, etc. More often than not, your prospect is just going through their inbox deleting every mass email just to free up some space.

However, using variables to personalize a message is a proven way to increase engagement. Customizing emails is easy, though — can you really customize an actual video?

Yes, one-to-one personalized videos use variables such as name, company name, LinkedIn photo and more to show your audience that you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with them, not a mass email list.

2. Personalized Videos Fit Into Your Entire Pipeline

Personalized videos aren’t just a one and done part of your sales and marketing campaigns. They fit into your entire pipeline.

When you’re working on inbound marketing, you can include videos on campaign landing pages and then follow up with site visitors using a one-to-one video sent directly to their inbox within seconds of them either entering their information on the landing page or downloading free content.

For outbound marketing, you can personalize one-to-one videos and reach thousands of viewers at once. For double the impact, include personalized variables in the video thumbnail as well as within the video, to ensure that the recipient actually starts watching in the first place.

As the recipient continues to move down the sales funnel, you can continue to send appropriate one-to-one personalized videos depending on where they happen to be in your pipeline.

Even after you’ve made the sale, one-to-one personalized videos work great when onboarding new customers or clients and fit in well when you’re working on retention.

3. It’s Way Easier Than You Think

When some people think of one-to-one personalized videos, they imagine a huge ordeal. You’ll need state-of-the-art camera equipment, a set, script, high-end editing software and more. Wrong, wrong and wrong. All you need is your cell phone and yourself.

Tools like Bonjoro  and Vidyard GoVideo have made one-to-one personalized videos to send to both prospects and consumers as easy as posting to Instagram or Snapchat. You just integrate your Bonjoro account with your already existing CRM tools, use the mobile app to record a personal video and send it straight to the recipient’s inbox and then track the results (from clicks to opens to responses).

There’s absolutely no need for any special knowledge or skills. Anyone can do it, from the most tech-savvy to the tech newbs.

4. It Makes Complicated Content, Simple

One content problem many businesses face is how to simply and easily show their value proposition, and sometimes words just won’t cut it. What you can’t teach your consumer by telling, you can almost always teach by showing.

Take, for example, an e-commerce brand. Let’s say that you have to show your prospects how to use your platform, and words aren’t really conveying what makes your particular e-commerce platform stand out from the rest.

You can use a video to quickly and effectively show exactly the aspects of your platform that make it special, without the need to go into any boring language or hard-to-understand factoids.

When you integrate your viewer’s own brand, logo, name or something else into the one-to-one video, you’ve effectively delivered not only a clear understanding of your brand, but you’ve done so in a way that makes your prospect feel acknowledged and singled out.

5. If a Photo’s Worth a Thousand Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

Flowery language and perfectly staged photos can get your point across in some instances, but if a photo’s worth a thousand words, how much more is a video worth?

If you’re in a business where you’re selling a tangible product or an in-person experience versus a service, a one-to-one video can promote your brand far better than a basic e-letter.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, for instance, one-to-one personalized videos can make your viewer feel as if they’re actually there, at your property, making it that much easier for them to visualize what it would be like if they were to book their event in your ballroom or bring their team to stay at your hotel when in the area for a conference.

6. Beyond Just a Name…

Personalized videos have the potential to strike a chord with your prospect in more ways than you think. While you can send videos with their name and business logo, you can also go deeper and tailor your approach with videos that relate to the individual’s industry and interests.

That’s something that Fiat recently did when personalizing videos to promote to social followers. Each follower received a video related to data on their interests. For example, if it was quite apparent from your social behaviors that you liked camping, you might receive a video that showed a Fiat in use on a camping trip.

Are you ready to increase your conversion rates, fast, and create more meaningful connections with your prospects and current customers? Skip the notion that video has to be difficult or expensive, and start using one-to-one personalized videos in all your marketing and retention efforts.

Need more help in taking your brand to the next level? Tap in to our two decades of marketing experience. I’s a time to target your audience with branding and marketing for your next big campaign! 

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