Mar 16 2016

Three Powerful Ways to Re-Use Your Blog Content to Get Even More Traffic and Shares

You know the routine. Sweat out a thoughtful, educational, and useful blog post that your fans will love. Post the link on your Facebook and Twitter account…and that’s it. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you could be drastically limiting the reach of the excellent blog post that you spent so much time and effort writing. Posting links to your Facebook and Twitter account are a good way to notify your existing tribe, but what about snagging new followers? Also, what’s next? Do you just move on and start investing hours into researching and outlining your next big post?

Work Smarter and Reach New Readers

Don’t abandon that blog post just yet. You can get even more use out of all your hard work and useful insights by re-purposing your content and posting it in places where it may be seen by new fans.

  1. Turn Your Blog Post into a Slideshow

This strategy works well for listicles (blogs like this one that include lists). Did you spend half a day researching the blog post “Ten Delicious Things to do with all Your Extra Garden Tomatoes”? Whip open PowerPoint or Google Slides (Free!), pick a simple template, and put each item in your list on a different slide along with a crafty pic (that you have permission to use). To extend the reach of your slideshow, upload it to SlideShare.


  1. Turn Your Blog Post into an Infographic

Is your blog post filled with shocking statistics or fascinating points? Sometimes numbers or essential takeaways can drown within big paragraphs of text. Help hammer the point home by turning the essence of your post into a visually compelling infographic.


Infographics need to be carefully planned. They can require a lot of work or even require the assistance of a professional graphic designer, but when done well, an infographic can become a viral rocket of shareability. A great place to share your Infographic is


  1. Turn Quotes From Your Blog Into Graphics

Not every blog post lends itself to becoming a slideshow or infographic, but every blog worth its salt should have at least a few important takeaways. With a little bit of graphic design savvy (or a professional designer to help), you can pluck the best quotes from your latest blog post and turn them into a pleasing graphic. This can be as simple as using a cool font and putting them onto a colored background. Any blog post will work for this, but interview snippets make wonderful graphic quote options.


These graphics will look great on your Facebook page and Twitter feeds, but why stop there? Charge ahead into visually focused social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram.

With a little elbow grease, your blog post can keep on giving, which means you can get more mileage out of all of your hard work and pull in new fans from different areas of the web while you’re at it! If you need help getting your blog started (or keeping it going) or in optimizing your existing blog through social media, contact Iluka Media for a free marketing consultation.


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