Jan 21 2016

Marketing Your Book Online

Today we sat in on a teleconference with author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and publicist Steve Harrison to learn modern tactics on how to successfully write, publish and market a book in today’s competitive marketplace.

These publishing legends have teamed up to teach a proven method that empowers writers and marketing groups on how to become a successful New York Times Bestselling author. These methods have already proven that authors can sell thousands, or even millions of copies of their book online!

Iluka Media marketing team members will be engaged in an exclusive immersion course to learn how to successfully write and market hard-copy, digital delivery and audio books. We have several clients and team members that are already published, and successfully selling online in places like Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

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Marketing your book online – Remember, it’s not about luck. It’s About Doing Things The Right Way!

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