Dec 01 2015

Your Admin Assistant Isn’t Secretly An Awesome, Highly Trained Marketing Genius…Sorry

You need inbound marketing your business, but you don’t have a lot of time or funds. You do, however, have Sally, at least during normal business hours. Sally is a great administrative assistant. She fields calls like a pro, updates your calendar like it’s nobody’s business, has actually caught onto your unconventional filing system, and even takes initiative, like sending you last week’s meeting notes before today’s meeting. In other words, Sally is swell.

One thing though, she’s not secretly a professional marketing expert.

No problem. You’ve given Sally the passwords to your company’s social media pages, told her to write a weekly blog post, and have even given her a few hundred dollars to get the old pay-per-click campaign running again.

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot. A lot will go wrong, because Sally – bless her heart – is not a professional marketer. She doesn’t know how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that ties together your blogging, social media postings, enewsletters, and pay-per-click advertising. She doesn’t know how to put together a social media calendar or even that posting Tweets directly to Facebook isn’t a great Facebook strategy. She doesn’t know how to do extensive keyword research or how to writing compelling ads for your pay-per-click campaign, or even that you probably want to develop multiple, highly-focused campaigns to reach specific audience segments. Has Sally even developed detailed and well-researched buyer personas for your company?

No, she hasn’t. Sally doesn’t even know what a buyer persona is.

You Wouldn’t Hire a Personal Trainer to Be Your Business Consultant

Your personal trainer, Rick, is awesome at what he does. Every time you walk into the gym, Rick puts you to work. You run on the treadmill, hit the weights, and work muscles you didn’t even know you had. Rick also helps you review your nutrition and constantly analyzes your progress. With his help, you’ve been able to lose 20 pounds, and your knees have stopped aching.

Rick is a great personal trainer, but you wouldn’t hire him to be your business coach, right? Then why are you essentially hiring Sally to be your company’s inbound marketing expert? Rick could probably give you some business advice, but is it going to be as good as the advice of a certified business coach who has actively worked with businesses just like yours for decades? Who do you think will, in the end, help you increase your profits more, Rick or an experienced business coach?

The same goes for Sally. Sure, she can post a few pics on Facebook and send out a nice newsletter that a few clients might click on, but at the end of the day will Sally bring you more marketing leads than an experienced marketing agency?

The answer is no. A lot of small business owners think that they don’t have enough money to hire a marketing team, but powerful marketing is what generates leads, sales, and profits. If you aren’t marketing, you probably aren’t earning up to your business’s true potential.

Let Sally go back to being an excellent administrative assistant for you and call iLUKA MEDIA for expert marketing assistance today!

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