May 22 2016

Drastically Improve Social Media Engagement

You Really Only Need to Know One Thing to Drastically Improve Social Media Engagement … It’s All About the Audience

To achieve more, take on less. To be happier, be more kind. To feel better, rest then call a friend. ~ Brendon Burchard

Do you know who absolutely rocks at social media? High performance coach, Thought Leader and bestselling author, Brendon Burchard. He posted the quote at the top of this article on his Live. Love. Matter. Facebook page on 05/11, and within 24 hours it had already picked up over 10,000 Likes (and Loves and Wows, now that those are things), and – most importantly – a whopping 5,189 shares. In other words, Brendon just exponentially magnified the visibility of his name and brand, all because he understands the most important thing about using social media for business…

Social Media is About Creating a Relationship with Your Audience

Brendon Burchard is a social media wizard, because he knows exactly who is audience is and fills his Facebook page with inspirational and motivational pick-me-ups that he knows will resonate perfectly with his goal-oriented and striving followers. If you keep scrolling down Brendon’s Facebook page, you’ll notice piles and piles of inspirational quote posts as well as a few links to his motivational videos thrown in for good measure. What you won’t see a lot of are hard sales pitches. That’s because…

Selling Should Always Take a Backseat to Making a Connection

That doesn’t mean you can’t ever mention your products or services on your social media pages, but rather that you first need to earn the trust and respect of your audience. Most people don’t particularly enjoy it when a door-to-door salesman comes to visit, but most of us love to hear from our friends!

If you want your social media posts to make waves, but they’re hardly generating ripples, it’s time to re-tool your methods and focus on these three critical factors:

  1. Audience
  2. Audience
  3. Audience

Every time you post, focus on sharing content that touches the hearts, mind, and soul of your ideal audience. This is the secret that Thought Leader Brendon Burchard knows so well and why almost all his posts generate high levels of engagement and shares. When you can connect with your audience like Brendon, you’ll see more re-shares, which can help build your social media audience.

When It Comes Time to Sell

Only after you put in all the legwork of building a true and honest relationship with your audience can you find success through selling on social media. You may be able to buy follows and likes by spending a lot of money advertising and promoting posts on social media, but you can’t buy audience loyalty with money; only with trust. That is why the secret sauce to social media success for businesses looks a little something like:

  1. Build relationships and trust
  2. Connect with your audience to inspire sharing and re-sharing
  3. Focus on targeted list and audience building
  4. Tell great stories
  5. Build brand awareness
  6. Market your products and services
  7. Sell only after you have connected all the dots

If you want to be the best in any field, observe the best. We recommend that you follow Brendon Burchard and whoever has the most engaged audiences on social media in your particular field. Figure out what they are doing right and then use these principles to start building your own groundswell of fans who may one day turn into customers.

You don’t have to go it alone! If you aren’t sure how (or just don’t have the time) to build a fiercely loyal and receptive audience, generate excellent content that connects with that audience, and give your entire social media presence a massive facelift, contact Iluka Media for a social media consultation.

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