Nov 21 2015

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

I know, I know, the internet is filling up with social media platforms your business MUST be on faster than Usain Bolt can sprint through a 100m. There’s Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest…and now Instagram?

It may be surprising to many business owners to discover that Instagram has been around since 2010 (making it practically middle-aged in social networking years). This photo and video sharing site is now owned by Facebook, giving it plenty of muscle to continue growing. And growing it’s done. Instagram currently has 300 million monthly active users who have shared a collective 30 billion photos. It boosts a large foreign audience (70% of users are outside the United States) and is in rabid use by millennials. Research also indicates Instagram enjoys greater overall engagement than some of its bigger competitors, including Twitter and Facebook. According to Social Sprout, a study by Forrester found that brand posts on Facebook and Twitter averaged less than 0.1 percent engagement, while Instagram produced a 4.21 percent engagement rate.

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