Mar 04 2016

Are These Three Major Website Mistakes Scaring Away Your Customers?


Your website has a big job to do. Ideally, it should:

  • Organically attract potential customers with captivating content and strong SEO
  • Inform, educate, and delight prospects and move them through your conversion funnel
  • Position you as a trusted and valuable resource in your community

That’s a lot of responsibility, right? It’s not surprising that a lot of business websites simply can’t live up to expectations, especially if business owners don’t given them enough attention and investment. In fact, certain major website mistakes can scare away your customer faster than a guy wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw!

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Dec 05 2015

Not Every Conversion is a Sale, and That’s Okay

You want to make sales. Understandable. Ultimately, that’s how you make money. However, in many cases, a potential client must move through a buyer’s journey before they feel comfortable taking out their wallet for your product or service. You’ll want to help the buyer move through this journey by providing them with opportunities to take a series of actions. Each of this actions is a conversion. Even though you haven’t made a sale yet, every conversion is valuable and should be monitored, analyzed, and celebrated.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Let’s take a closer look at one example of a buyer’s journey and different kinds of conversions through the eyes of a homeowner named Lisa. Lisa and her husband Fred recently retired and are looking forward to traveling, indulging their hobbies, and volunteering in the community. Lisa also dreams of hosting more dinners with her grown children, neighbors, and friends. She and her husband make the decision to splurge on a kitchen remodel.

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