Nov 17 2015

Why Do I Have To Keep Blogging? The Importance Of Ongoing Marketing

You’re familiar with the show, The Biggest Loser, right? It’s where a lot of severely overweight contestants compete to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. This involves them moving into a sequestered ranch, receiving intensive nutritional counseling, and hitting the gym under the tutelage of celebrity trainers who often make multiple contestants weep and throw up each episode.

A funny thing happens though – every contestant on the show loses weight. Not just a little weight. Many contestants drop 100 pounds or more over the course of the show. Why does the dramatic weight loss happen so consistently? Easy – because when you really put your mind to something and continue working at it, you’ll see results, no matter the particular goal.

The same goes for marketing. When you take the time to start reaching out to your customers, in the form of blogging, advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, etc…you’ll find them!

What Happens When You Stop Marketing?

The Biggest Loser Ranch proves that it’s easy…well, perhaps not easy, but possible to lose a significant amount of weight when surrounded by nutritionists, healthy food, celebrity coaches, and physical challenges that offer cool prizes and money to the winner. But what happens when the contestants re-enter the real world?

Some Biggest Loser contestants have managed to keep off the weight by adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle, while reports continue to circulate that other contestants and former winners have ballooned back up to their previous size. Anyone who has ever starved themselves on the latest, greatest diet fad only to see all those pounds pile back on as soon as their discipline collapses can commiserate.

The point is that no matter how hard you work to lose weight or to build a strong marketing apparatus, your achievement won’t last if you don’t keep working for it. If you spend your days munching on potato chips watching Biggest Loser marathons, the pounds will sneak back on. Similarly, if you don’t keep writing those blog posts, chatting with your fans through Twitter, or building up your email list, all the power of your previous marketing workouts will atrophy.

How to Keep Up the Marketing Power

Effective marketing is continual marketing, but not every business owner has the discipline to write a blog post every week, build a new ad campaign, or update that dusty old brochure. Just as the Biggest Loser contestants lost rapid amounts of weight under the guidance of coaches, you can keep your marketing momentum on track with a marketing professional, like Iluka Media. Our most popular service is our Dedicated Monthly Marketing package. This service is exactly what it sounds like – we keep marketing your company, products, and services through your existing marketing channels. (We may even build you some new ones!)

If you don’t have the time, focus, or motivation to juggle your own marketing along with the rest of your duties as captain of your business, give us a call for a free Dedicated Monthly Marketing consultation.

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