Video Production Services

Time to Make a Star

Video marketing can be incredibly effective for a wide variety of industries and products, from the real estate agent posting a glamorous walk-through, to a marine adventure company showing just how close their clients can get to dolphins. Many business owners also get a lot of mileage by posting welcome videos on their website home page or engage customers through entertaining or highly informative videos on their YouTube channel and social media pages.

Whatever your particular video needs, our trained videographers can get it done.


  • Video marketing consultation
  • Script development
  • Hiring of actors / narrators
  • Shooting on site or at our studio
  • Editing and post production
  • Posting on website / social media pages / YouTube channel
  • YouTube channel creation, development, and management


  • Website home page video
  • Email video drip campaign
  • Television commercial
  • Explainer/Tutorial videos
  • Webinars
  • Customer video tutorial

We’ve Got Drones! (The Nice Kind)

If you need that all‐important aerial view for your video, we may be able to provide licensed drone video operators. Drones can capture sporting events, weddings, or outdoor tours in a unique new way.

Contact us to discuss your video needs.