SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization it’s really both an intuitive marketing art and a technical process.

Success comes to those who learn from each previous process and continually refine the craft of giving the search engines what they want ! We have been helping clients achieve high rankings since 2001 with a great level of success. This happens because we don’t treat SEO as a one-time marketing event. It is a process. Search engine marketing is a partnership between the web site owner and Iluka Media.

Great things happen for companies willing to commit to a consistent approach to creating a web presence on the search engines.

The Process

No two web sites are alike. Which makes it hard to generalize on what we do for clients. Every client relationship begins with a consultation to see how we can help. If we can, a customized proposal is created which outlines our strategy. All initial strategies are six months in length, giving sufficient time for the strategies to take effect.

Increase Lead Generation

This is the primary goal of inbound marketing activity.  We approach your search marketing project with an eye toward maximizing the ROI on your marketing budget.

Develop SEO Campaigns

Creating comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns to improve Organic rankings, increase quantity and quantity of relevant traffic.

Boost Your Rankings

Achieve highly ranked listings for critical key search terms and common search queries throughout the major  search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Boost Your Rankings

Achieve highly ranked listings for critical key search terms and common search queries throughout the major  search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Keyword Search Terms

Generate an optimized organic key search term list of the most popular search phrases used to find your market.

Optimize Your Rankings

Optimize crucial ranking elements, including: HTML code structure, title tags, URL structure, Meta data, internal linking, and Flash or video optimization.

Receive Delivered Results

Deliver optimization enhancements and reporting to ensure your site continuously improves its positioning in the Organic search results.

Get Detailed Insight

Report detailed insight into the competitive search performance of your site versus online competitors.

Increase Site Authority

Create strong off-site signals in local search and relevant link channels to improve your sites authority and competitiveness.

Harness Social Power

Leverage social media marketing platforms to harness the power of social media networks, providing additional search impressions and protect brand identity.

Monthly Consulting

Consult your team via telephone, email, and reporting techniques to keep the project aligned with your sites overall marketing goals. Close contact is critical to your success.

Reporting and Tracking

We create a campaign baseline, and then start reporting to you weekly, the position you hold on a wide variety of popular search portals via our email and online reporting system. Here’s what’s on your report.

  • Website SEO Audit
    Ongoing audit off key elements that affect your sites ability to rank in search.
  • Keyword Progress Report
    Track your most valuable search terms in the search engines.
  • Local Search Positioning
    Track your businesses search ranking in the Local Search results.
  • PPC Campaigns
    Comprehensive overview of your online PPC advertising spend and results.
  • Google Analytics Metrics
    Leverage GA data to gauge progress and marketing effectiveness.
  • Social Media Engagement
    Monitor key interaction factors and metrics in SM campaigns.
  • SEO Campaign
    Report a variety of factors that impact your SEO campaign.
  • Industry Trends
    Monthly overview of trends and changes in the world of inbound marketing.