Reputation Management

Control Your Public Relations Image by Managing Your Online Reputation

Iluka Media offers a reputation monitoring and management service designed to assist with the tracking and response of what is being said about your brand or products on the internet. We scan hundreds of millions of web pages–including news, blogs, video, images, and forums–and let you know if we discover anything that matches that could have an impact on your business.

Every mention of your brand or product leaves a permanent record on the internet that can be found via the search engines. Our continuous scanning of the web for any mention of your name, brand, and products allows you to engage and respond rapidly to conversations, reviews, and comments.

This service goes way beyond “alerts” by eavesdropping on social media channels and industry specific sites. We Filter out the benign data and focus on the positive opportunities to promote your brand, and the negative situations that need direct customer service attention.

  • Monitor who’s talking about your brand
  • Manage your real-time reputation
  • Respond to feedback quickly with positive language
  • Gain deeper customer insight
  • Quantify brand perception
  • Capitalize on positive conversations
  • Neutralize the effect of negative content

Online Reputation Monitoring and Management in real-time, we know if your company, brand, or products are being discussed on the Internet. This response based service will interact with the conversation (if necessary) to shepherd the most positive outcome.