PayPal Solutions

It’s Time to Monetize Your Web Platform

You’ve put a lot of hard work into turning your website, blog, or other online platform into a place where people want to buy your products or services. Now it’s time to monetize. PayPal is a popular and well-respected online payment processor that allows your customers to safely and easily pay you for your goods and services.

Adding PayPal payment capability to your online platform is the perfect way to dramatically boost your income by allowing you to:

  • Sell products on your website
  • Sell services through your website
  • Accept tips or donations
  • Sell tickets to your events, including webinars and conferences

Get the Trusty PayPal Button

Our team of experienced web developers can seamlessly integrate your personal or business PayPal account into your online platforms, including WordPress websites and e-newsletters. We can also troubleshoot if you’re having problems syncing PayPal with your online properties.

Depending on your specific situation and products or services, we can even assist you in setting up an automated communication and product delivery system. This can include anything from a customer receiving a personalized Thank You email after purchase to sending the customer directly to a landing page where your ebook or recorded webinar can be downloaded. Talk about making money in your sleep!

Tell us all about your monetization goals, and we can set it up for you!