Local Search Marketing Services

Local Search Optimization and Marketing

Geo-targeted web searching is growing exponentially, and will continue to progress over the next few years. Ignoring local search could prove to be a costly mistake for certain segments of business. It’s going to become increasingly better, more relevant and more important. The same people that were questioning whether to “start a web site” in the late 90′s are now questioning whether there’s ‘anything to local search’ Today.

Consumers and business buyers have taken control, and are using the Web as their primary tool to guide their buying decisions on an as-needed basis. Clients are selecting local businesses based largely on online search results and reviews. In fact, Local Search is now the de facto method to find out about your local business, regardless if your client is in their office, their home, or on the road via their smart phone. Our Local Search Marketing package offers a complete solution to maximize visibility in local search results and encourage positive reviews of your business.

  • Claim your online business for you, then add, update, and match your business information across 50+ of the most important search, social networking, and data aggregation sites.
  • Submit your business to select directories including specialized industry and area directories your top competitors are listed in, and those they are NOT listed in.
  • Enhance you listing with the addition of photos, videos, and reviews.
  • Optimize and target each of your location listings for keyword performance and increased rankings.
  • Align your location listings with the correct data including adjustment of map markers, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Consolidate your listings.  Often a location will have several versions in local search.  Its important to eliminate duplicate and erroneous entries.
  • Report to you a set of direct links (URL’s) to your business for all the review sites we include, making it easy for your clients to leave reviews. With the links we provide, your clicks are only one click away from reviewing and rating your business.
  • Maintain your local listing, with the exception of rapidly-changing items such as coupons, our service will update your listings as needed with the information, images, and videos that your business provides.