Drastically Improve Social Media Engagement

You Really Only Need to Know One Thing to Drastically Improve Social Media Engagement … It’s All About the Audience

To achieve more, take on less. To be happier, be more kind. To feel better, rest then call a friend. ~ Brendon Burchard

Do you know who absolutely rocks at social media? High performance coach, Thought Leader and bestselling author, Brendon Burchard. He posted the quote at the top of this article on his Live. Love. Matter. Facebook page on 05/11, and within 24 hours it had already picked up over 10,000 Likes (and Loves and Wows, now that those are things), and – most importantly – a whopping 5,189 shares. In other words, Brendon just exponentially magnified the visibility of his name and brand, all because he understands the most important thing about using social media for business… Read more

Is It Even Worth Your Time to Create a Google Plus Page?

When Google Plus launched in 2011, marketers wondered if Facebook had finally met its match. Now, in 2015, Google Plus is still breathing…barely. As of 2013, it claimed 318.4 million users, but this number is deceiving as anyone who signs up for a Google account is automatically assigned a Google Plus page. That’s right, anyone who wants a YouTube account, access to Google Docs, or a Gmail account is considered a Google Plus member. In the real world, activity on Google Plus is minimal, unless you count Google Hangouts, which have proven to be an excellent tool for performing webinars or having video chats with group members. Read more