Your Admin Assistant Isn’t Secretly An Awesome, Highly Trained Marketing Genius…Sorry

You need inbound marketing your business, but you don’t have a lot of time or funds. You do, however, have Sally, at least during normal business hours. Sally is a great administrative assistant. She fields calls like a pro, updates your calendar like it’s nobody’s business, has actually caught onto your unconventional filing system, and even takes initiative, like sending you last week’s meeting notes before today’s meeting. In other words, Sally is swell.

One thing though, she’s not secretly a professional marketing expert.

No problem. You’ve given Sally the passwords to your company’s social media pages, told her to write a weekly blog post, and have even given her a few hundred dollars to get the old pay-per-click campaign running again. Read more

Why Do I Have To Keep Blogging? The Importance Of Ongoing Marketing

You’re familiar with the show, The Biggest Loser, right? It’s where a lot of severely overweight contestants compete to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. This involves them moving into a sequestered ranch, receiving intensive nutritional counseling, and hitting the gym under the tutelage of celebrity trainers who often make multiple contestants weep and throw up each episode.

A funny thing happens though – every contestant on the show loses weight. Not just a little weight. Many contestants drop 100 pounds or more over the course of the show. Why does the dramatic weight loss happen so consistently? Easy – because when you really put your mind to something and continue working at it, you’ll see results, no matter the particular goal. Read more