Branding Refresher

Are Your Marketing Assets Speaking The Same Language?

Have you noticed that your Facebook page doesn’t look a thing like your website, or that your company’s main brochure is still using the old logo? If you’ve had multiple people in your company take on marketing duties or haven’t been as consistent as you’d like in your marketing, you may notice that your marketing assets don’t match. In essence, they’re all speaking in different languages.

Time For A Branding Refresher

A company’s brand is only as powerful as its consistency. Your message won’t stick if a current or future customer hears a different voice each time you reach out to them. At Iluka Media, we offer a unique service that can help fine-tune and harmonize your brand.

Our Brand Refresher service focuses on developing a unified look, feel, and voice for your company and then applying it across all of your existing marketing assets, including your:

  • Website
  • Print Media
  • Advertisements
  • Videos
  • Social Media Pages
  • Press Releases and Public Relations

If you don’t currently have any established branding, we can help you create it!

Increase the power of your marketing by making sure every asset speaks the same language.

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