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Aerial Drone Photography in Maui

FEATURED IMAGE: by Russell Hanson of EpiCapture Productions Give Customers a Whole New View of Your Business With Aerial Drone Photography in Maui Let’s say you manage a small, charming hotel right on the beach in Maui. You’ve got great property and want to bring in more lucrative weddings. Your website is probably filled with gorgeous […]

Are These Three Major Website Mistakes Scaring Away Your Customers?

  Your website has a big job to do. Ideally, it should: Organically attract potential customers with captivating content and strong SEO Inform, educate, and delight prospects and move them through your conversion funnel Position you as a trusted and valuable resource in your community That’s a lot of responsibility, right? It’s not surprising that […]

Not Every Conversion is a Sale, and That’s Okay

You want to make sales. Understandable. Ultimately, that’s how you make money. However, in many cases, a potential client must move through a buyer’s journey before they feel comfortable taking out their wallet for your product or service. You’ll want to help the buyer move through this journey by providing them with opportunities to take […]

Your Admin Assistant Isn’t Secretly An Awesome, Highly Trained Marketing Genius…Sorry

You need inbound marketing your business, but you don’t have a lot of time or funds. You do, however, have Sally, at least during normal business hours. Sally is a great administrative assistant. She fields calls like a pro, updates your calendar like it’s nobody’s business, has actually caught onto your unconventional filing system, and […]

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

I know, I know, the internet is filling up with social media platforms your business MUST be on faster than Usain Bolt can sprint through a 100m. There’s Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest…and now Instagram? It may be surprising to many business owners to discover that Instagram has been around since 2010 […]

Why Do I Have To Keep Blogging? The Importance Of Ongoing Marketing

You’re familiar with the show, The Biggest Loser, right? It’s where a lot of severely overweight contestants compete to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. This involves them moving into a sequestered ranch, receiving intensive nutritional counseling, and hitting the gym under the tutelage of celebrity trainers who often make multiple contestants weep and […]

Why Aren’t You Segmenting Your Email List?

You’ve got an email list. That is a great start! An email list allows you to directly communicate with all those who have volunteered to receive information from you. However, many small businesses make the mistake of lumping all of their contacts into a single email list. Think about all the people who are on […]