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We are small, feisty, boutique marketing agency with offices in Hawaii, California, and Idaho. We offer complete marketing solutions to companies of many sizes and many budgets, from startups with big dreams to large corporations that want to spice things up with an outside perspective. We do the research, put together the plan, and then implement with style. Our specialty is our ability to quickly build power teams from our hand-picked database of experts to meet the varying needs of different clients. We are fast and adaptable and can build teams big and small for one-off projects or ongoing monthly marketing. Check out our portfolio to see what we’ve done for our previous clients.

Our Specialization

Dedicated Ongoing Marketing
Resposive Website Design
Search Engine Opimitzation


We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Wendy Jae

Creative Leader / CEO

IMG_7284Chief Executive Officer Wendy Jae is the fearless leader of Iluka Media. Wendy earned her marketing chops while working   for internet marketing company DotComSecrets. The company experienced rapid growth and transition while Wendy was on board, allowing Wendy to hand pick her team of experts to work on every cool project under the sun from website design, to development, logos, video commercials, TV projects, and more.

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Wendy appreciates that the foundation of great marketing never changes, but she also loves to adapt and incorporate new tactics into the fold and find new ways to communicate to her clients’ customers. Wendy also attends top mastermind marketing seminars and networks with the best of the best to keep her skills sharp.

In 2010, Wendy was ready to put all of her training and knowledge to the test and stepped out on her own. She formed Iluka Media and eventually moved the company’s headquarters to Hawaii. (Aloha!) When she isn’t swimming with the dolphins, Wendy is keeping her finger on the pulse of the marketing industry and wowing her clients with responsive marketing that works!

David Tucker

CMO and Savvy SEO Pro

David Tucker Iluka Media SEOChief Marketing Officer David Tucker is an online marketing expert based in Maui, Hawaii with offices in San Diego and Boise. He is adept at working with businesses of all sizes, from single-person startups to enterprise-level organizations, educational facilities, and state government agencies.

With over 20 years of experience in the internet marketing field, David is not fooled by fads or quick tricks. He understands that best marketing practices will still ring true no matter what changes are around the corner. This strong strategic foundation of knowledge allows him to constantly evolve his marketing tactics to successfully meet the ever-changing online world.Read More

David is known for delivering consistently good service and timely communication at a fair price. Several of his clients have been with him since he first started working in the field in 1995.
As the internet has grown and matured, so has David’s marketing talent. What began with a sole focus on search engine optimization now includes a wide range of social media management services. David believes that internet marketing is both an “art” and a “science.” Many of the tried and true marketing rules still apply in the cyber age. With each passing year, the science side of the business has become more and more important with the technical advances made in the realm of artificial intelligence.

David specializes in:
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building Strategies
Off-Page SEO
Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns
Structural Analysis
CTA, Conversion and Sales Funnels
Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

When not working David enjoys the outdoors in sunny Hawaii. Generally, you will find him working, though.

Travis Bandy

Expert WP Developer +

employee-placeholder-topExperienced expert WordPress Rockstar + MORE!

Travis is one of those rare web developers who is equally talented in design and development. He can build websites and web applications using a variety of platforms and also approaches each project with an eye toward creating something clean, dynamic, creative, and unique. His website designs are visually compelling, provide intuitive navigation, and seamlessly incorporate all the client’s required functionality while also enhancing the client’s branding.Read More

Travis started in the world of web design at a Boise-based web design agency where he quickly learned to build websites using HTML and CSS. He often worked on over 50+ websites a week. When the company shifted over exclusively to WordPress, Travis became an expert on that platform. He often built multiple WordPress websites for clients in a day. To keep his skills sharp, Travis continued to learn new programs, including Prestashop (e-commerce), Magento (e-commerce), and WP e-ships.

Travis is a solutions-oriented web developer who feels comfortable working on websites that range from simple, static landing pages to massive e-commerce sites that require a high level of customization. He is also experienced in working in a team environment.
Travis earned his AA in Graphic Design and has spent 13+ years working in a UNIX server environment. When he isn’t at the computer designing a new client website, he loves spending time with his family and children, working out at the gym, and writing, playing, and recording his own music.

Jessica Bennett

Creative Content Writer

JNB_3Jessica Bennett is a fulltime freelance copywriter, copyeditor, author, and owner of Endeavor Writing. She loves taking on projects of all different sizes in a variety of industries, from writing blog posts for chiropractors, to copyediting a rags-to-riches memoir, crafting website content for a surrogacy agency, and creating Facebook posts for the next “It” health drink.

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Jessica became a “professional writer” at the age of 16 when an essay she wrote about her parents appeared in Runner’s World magazine. After graduating with a BA in Communications from Truman State University, Jessica worked for a public relation’s agency in Los Angeles and then in the marketing department of a medical device company in Carlsbad, California before creating Endeavor Writing in 2009.

Jessica is a responsive and creative writer who appreciates that great content should support a brand and speak directly to that brand’s diverse audiences. She can write across many different platforms and is especially adept at creating online content that seamlessly integrates powerful keywords into reader-focused content. Jessica has developed strong relationships with many search engine optimization experts, website designers, social media experts, graphic designers, and marketing managers who regularly refer her to their clients.

Jessica has also earned a copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego and an inbound marketing certification from HubSpot. Previous and current clients include Petco, The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, and Shades of Pink Foundation California. She is also the author of four fiction novels, three novellas, and a short story anthology.
Jessica lives and writes in San Diego. She shares her office with a bunny named Avalon who contributes by taking a lot of naps and occasionally eating the things that come off the printer. His adorableness is his primary strength as a coworker.

Dan Warner

Media Production Director

Dan Warner is an experienced photographer and videographer who has spent a long, and productive 20-year career in the Hollywood media industry. He is a leading artist, and brings a creative spirit to every project. He has a unique ability to bring out the best in the performers he works with and to truly capture the essence of each project. He is capable of working with any company to create strong, compelling videos that will delight their viewing audience.

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Whether you need a television commercial that will strike a chord, an online video that will enchant, or an informational video that will educate and inspire, Dan can do it all. He can also create breathtaking scenes for print ads that will capture the scattered attention of your busy audience. Whatever you want to communicate, Dan can do it with authenticity, helping ensure the success of every client’s marketing campaign.

As Iluka Media’s California sales rep, Dan also spends time meeting with clients to help them determine their marketing needs. Dan can help a company develop a marketing plan that fits their goals and their budget.

In his off time, Dan loves cooking gourmet, hitting the gym, and playing golf and tennis. If his face looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him on your television screen. Dan is also a passionate actor who has appeared in award-winning commercials and over 25 prime time network shows, including NCIS: Los Angeles, Scandal, Castle, Mad Men, Big Love, Criminal Minds, Entourage, and many more.

Horia Badju

Market Research Analyst

Many project needs a data hound-dog to dig up content, market details, create custom reports and format xml.  Here at iLuka our chief bird dogger sources, formats and creates the bits and bytes that we need to produce your finished product.  These are the details that make the difference!

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Kevin Hill

Sales / Newsletter Copywriter

unnamedKevin Hill is a direct response copywriter, business consultant, speaker, and info-marketer who helps top-notch, motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners boost their profits.  He is known as “The Professor of High Response,” because he employs the research experience he gained as a former scientist toward analyzing his customers’ and clients’ business problems. To date, Kevin’s promotions have collectively generated $14 million for his clients.

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Kevin has been a fulltime professional copywriter for over eight years. Previously, he was the sole copywriter for DotComSecrets, a company founded by internet millionaire Russell Brunson. At DotComSecrets, Kevin was responsible for writing the majority of the company’s sales materials, which generated millions in revenue.

Kevin earned a master’s degree in biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology from Penn State University and has previously performed biodefense research at the U.S. Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Kevin’s incredible research skills are his key advantage over other copywriters, and he believes that lack of research is the #1 reason promotions and businesses fail.

Kevin’s specializes in all forms of copywriting, including sales letters, squeeze pages, landing pages, video scripts, video sales letters, and email autoresponder copy. He can also create direct mail copy that includes postcards, brochures, and long-form sales letters. He has also been involved in “uncommon” direct mail campaigns that include tearsheets, “lumpy” mail, and other creative ways to get customer’s attention

Kevin also offers online marketing consulting that includes one-on-one and group coaching for marketers looking for an edge in their marketing. He is extremely knowledgeable on many aspects of online marketing, including pay-per-click advertising, social media, marketing with content, video marketing, email marketing, SEO copywriting, and product launches.

Mason Tanner

PayPer Click Expert

mason-tanner-ilukamediaMason is an expert in analytics, data analysis, and tracking which allows B2B and B2C businesses truly understand how their marketing is performing on both a macro and granular level. He is also a skilled online advertising manager, helping his clients quickly and effectively increase their brand awareness and open their online doors to highly targeted customers.

For over seven years, he has worked for a variety of agencies, providing crucial data for his clients and managing online advertising campaigns using Google AdWords and Bing. He is adept at finding new traffic and more volume to exceed client expectations, whether the goal is to generate leads or make sales.

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Mason is valued for his attention to detail and his philosophy of putting clients first. His reports are accurate and transparent so that business owners can quickly and easily see how their online platforms are performing. Mason’s data empowers business owners to make informed decisions about the direction of their marketing and to learn more about their customer base.

He can also create highly segmented advertising campaigns to introduce products and brands. He has managed seven-figure monthly advertising budgets and has been known to cut a client’s advertising cost in half while maintaining sales volume with both large and small budgets in multiple markets.
Mason has worked extensively in the performance marketing space where results are all that matters. He has been both an affiliate manager, affiliate (publisher), and an internal media buyer for three performance advertising networks. He also has extensive experience in the mobile space.